5 November 2021 - In this episode, Ian talks to Herb Burton of US Concrete, on everything low carbon concrete, including appetite for the product, need for investment, standardisation, the role of the cement sector and transparency. They discuss the need for getting all stakeholders together in a room for participation in the process of changing mindsets towards low carbon concrete, how crucial transparency and measurement standardisation is and how we can make it cost effective for decarbonising the cement industry at scale and at pace. 

17 September 2021 - Ian Riley talks to Liran Akavia, COO of Seebo, about how AI can improve efficiency and lower carbon emissions in the cement industry. The discussion takes us from what process-based AI is, the benefits it can have for the industry's decarbonisation efforts, how to implement it and what producers could gain in terms of better quality, better profitability and better efficiency.

18 August 2021 - In this episode, Ian talks to Dr Paula Carey, a Founding Director of Carbon8 Systems. Carbon8 Systems has created a technology which uses mineralisation and carbonation to treat industrial residues such as cement bypass dust, using CO2 captured directly from flue gas, to produce a lightweight aggregate product. Ian and Paula discuss the science behind this process, the increasing applications and relevance of the technology to the cement industry, and how it can help concrete to become carbon negative. 

26 July 2021 - In the fourth and final episode of our Technology and Decarbonisation mini-series with KHD, Ian Riley and Matthias Mersmann discuss the future of the cement industry, and the technologies that will help us reach net-zero. CCUS, circular economy, intensifying cooperation, oxyfuels and increasing efficiency all feature on this exciting road to decarbonisation ahead.

14 July 2021 - In this episode, Ian Riley turns the tables on Thomas Armstrong (ICR), Peter Edwards (Global Cement) and David Bizley (World Cement) covering an array of topics from the holistic viewpoint afforded to editors of cement trade magazines. This fascinating episode discusses the effects of COVID-19 on the cement and media industries, the future of conferences, careers in the cement industry, exciting new technologies and changing attitudes towards sustainability and decarbonisation.

02 July 2021 - Join Ian Riley in this latest Clinker Factor podcast as he speaks to Chang-Ki Lee, Vice President of the Korea Cement Association. Key topics of discussion include the country's issues with overcapacity, the Korean industry's progress towards decarbonisation, and the price and demand for cement.