Clinker Factor - Episode #14

14 July 2021 - In this episode, Ian Riley turns the tables on Thomas Armstrong (ICR), Peter Edwards (Global Cement) and David Bizley (World Cement) covering an array of topics from the holistic viewpoint afforded to editors of cement trade magazines. This fascinating episode discusses the effects of COVID-19 on the cement and media industries, the future of conferences, careers in the cement industry, exciting new technologies and changing attitudes towards sustainability and decarbonisation.


Cement production is responsible for approximately 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is possibly the hardest to abate sector. In this podcast series, the World Cement Association’s CEO, Ian Riley, talks to industry leaders, experts and technological innovators from across the globe, bringing insights and fresh perspectives on how the cement sector can decarbonise and improve sustainability. Suitable for anyone interested in climate change mitigation and industrial sustainability.