11 May 2022 - In this episode, Ian Riley talks to David McNeil of Sustainable Fitch on the latest news and trends in the world of ESG investing, and the impacts these will have on the global cement and concrete industry. They cover carbon offsets, carbon markets, the expectations of ESG investors and dependence on thermal coal. 

5 April 2022 - Greg Kats and Vivian Loftness of the Smart Surfaces Coalition join Ian Riley to discuss the role of concrete in the palette of smart surfaces that planners have available to reduce the risks of climate-induced heat waves and flooding in the world's cities. 

23 March 2022 - In this special International Women's Day episode of the Clinker Factor podcast, Ian Riley talks to three women breaking the bias in the concrete industry - Nicole Campbell (Yorkton Concrete/Concrete Saskatchewan), Chen Yu (China Concrete Products Association) and Alana Guzzetta (US Concrete) - about their work, their experiences and their messages for women and girls looking to start a career in concrete. 

16 February 2021 - In this episode, Ryan Cialdella of Ozinga, USA, talks to Ian Riley all things low carbon concrete - from prices, using new products for projects, interest in blended products, supply chain cooperation, and challenges present and future for the industry.

10 December 2021 - In this special episode, Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge reflect on their time at COP26, discussing the outcomes of the conference, and what the cement and concrete industry can learn, including setting targets to 2030, adaptation and resilience, finance, climate justice and the need for deep collaboration.

5 November 2021 - In this episode, Ian talks to Herb Burton of US Concrete, on everything low carbon concrete, including appetite for the product, need for investment, standardisation, the role of the cement sector and transparency. They discuss the need for getting all stakeholders together in a room for participation in the process of changing mindsets towards low carbon concrete, how crucial transparency and measurement standardisation is and how we can make it cost effective for decarbonising the cement industry at scale and at pace.