London, 1st April 2020

ZKG Magazine

WCA's Manon Burbidge has written a feature for the German cement industry magazine "ZKG", on the topic of protecting and promoting biodiversity in limestone quarries. 

London, 6 March 2020

Carbon Capture Journal

Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge have written a feature for the Carbon Capture Journal, discussing the different elements of Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage as they pertain to the cement industry, and the development of new technologies in the sector. 

London, 14 February 2020

Financial Times

WCA has provided comment for the Financial Times liveblog, following the impacts of the Coronavirus as it unfolds across the world. CEO Ian Riley gives insight into how the virus may impact the cement sector, prices and demand in 2020. 

London, 3 February 2020

World Cement Magazine

WCA's Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge have written an article for World Cement magazine, covering the different low NOx technologies used by the cement industry and the importance of adopting such technology for human health and the environment.

London, 27 January 2020


Richard Stubbe, journalist from BloombergNEF, (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), a research service covering clean energy, digital industry, innovative materials and commodities, held a Q&A interview with WCA CEO Ian Riley on the hard-to-abate emissions generated by the cement industry. 

London, 22 January 2020

World Cement Magazine

World Cement, a leading industry magazine, has interviewed Mr Song Zhiping on the development of the Chinese cement industry and his thoughts on the role of the WCA for global cement producers.