“WCASE” World Cement Association Sustainability Effort

The WCA seeks to co-operate with the WBCSD, Cement Sustainability Initiative and regional and national Cement Associations.

WCA key focus issues;

  • Positioning cement and concrete as the material of choice for sustainable construction
  • CO2 and Climate
  • Responsible Use of Fuels and Raw Materials, circular economy
  • Local Impacts on Land and Communities (environmental and social impacts)

 WCA recognizes the value and importance of these issues and associated tasks however WCA does not envisage setting up parallel task forces but rather to focus on specific issues of members and stakeholders, and to engage in communications with CSI.

Similarly WCA supports the Global Reporting Initiative and GRI Sustainability Reporting. The availability and use of appropriate and robust KPIs are an essential part of the sustainability matrix.

What are the aims of the WCA Sustainability Effort?

The main value that WCA wants to bring is the wider dissemination of best sustainable practices. WCA is a worldwide organisation which seeks members major and minor throughout the world and will encourage the deployment of sustainable practices and provide a wide worldwide forum. It will also encourage most forward-looking and committed members to join the CSI in order to achieve a next step in their sustainability approach.  

There are many old plants in the world which are not environmentally advanced or where practices do not have the same consideration of sustainability as may be the case elsewhere. Such cases will not be brought to CSI Charter level in one step but will need first education, change of priorities and then gradual improvement. The financial benefits of some environmental improvements should always be highlighted. WCA will request case studies of such improvements to be published on the website.

WCA will promote closing of obsolete unsustainable cement production units and replacement of old technologies throughout the world

WCA members who are mostly representatives of emerging markets will have different priorities than mature market players and WCA will aim to help them initiating many small but concrete steps towards building better societies around the world.

Our Sustainability platform is also linked to our HR platform where, amongst other topics, we will work to develop basic skill sets for Health & Safety of personnel in developing countries and emerging markets.

This can encourage exchange of views across the sector and provide a wider forum for life cycle and sustainability assessment.

About Us

The World Cement Association aims to represent and promote the Cement Industry Worldwide as well as the commercial and legal interests of its Members.

The World Cement Association is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in England No. 10187292 under English law.

The World Cement Association is not affiliated with or otherwise connected to Palladian Publications Limited nor its WORLD CEMENT publication.


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