Rules and Code of Conduct

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      1.  All MEMBERS, having subscribed to a declaration on election to the ASSOCIATION, have a duty to observe the requirements of the Articles of Association and this Code, in setting out the general standard of conduct to which all MEMBERS must adhere in their exercise of such a duty, relates to and further defines the objects of the ASSOCIATION.
      2. Under Article 12, Board has express power to expel a MEMBER found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the ASSOCIATION and has implied powers of censure or suspension in appropriate cases.
      3. Board may from time to time, issue Guidance Notes to supplement this Code.
      1. A MEMBER shall, in fulfilling their responsibility to their employer or client, have full regard to the public interest and to the interest of the cement and clinker industry.
      2. A MEMBER shall order their conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the ASSOCIATION.
      3. Every MEMBER agrees to abide in full compliance with the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws and shall not use membership of the ASSOCIATION or any Association meeting or event to circumvent or breach antitrust laws. Members will follow the Guidance on Avoiding Anti-Competitive Practices issued by the ASSOCIATION.
      4. A MEMBER shall at all times abide by and endeavour to secure the widest possible acceptance of these Rules of Conduct.
      5. A MEMBER, in connection with work in a country other than their own, shall order their conduct according to these Rules of Conduct so far as they are applicable.
      6. These Rules of Conduct apply to all grades of membership of The World Cement Association.
      7. In these Rules of Conduct:
        1. Where appropriate, expressions shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Articles of the ASSOCIATION.
      1. Allegations of misconduct shall be submitted to the SECRETARY GENERAL.
      2. The Chairman and other members of the Investigating Panel shall be appointed by Board for such a period as Board may from time to time determine.
      3. The full Investigating Panel shall comprise five Corporate Members of the ASSOCIATION, of whom a minimum of three must hear the case.  The MEMBER against whom the allegation has been made has the right to object to not more than two members of the full Panel.
      4. Subject to any limitations imposed by the Board, the Investigating Panel shall have powers to regulate its own practice and procedures.
      5. No member of the Investigating Panel shall receive payment for services rendered, but proper Panel costs shall be borne by the ASSOCIATION.
      6. The Investigating Panel shall report a recommendation for action to Board.
      7. The Board shall take such action as it deems appropriate in the particular circumstances.
      8. MEMBERS have the right to appeal direct to Board, whose decision shall be final and binding.