Huaxin Cement wins this year’s WCA Innovation Award

The WCA Innovation Award 2023 was awarded to Huaxin Cement’s Huangshi Plant for their "Development and Application of Low Carbon and Nitrogen Reduction Ultra Large Scale Cement Production Technology and Equipment" project.

This project, led by Huaxin’s CEO Li Yeqing, had a number of genuinely novel elements that particularly impressed the Technology and Sustainability committee who were responsible for evaluating the Innovation Award submissions.

Huaxin set out to build a cement line that would be capable of burning more than 2000 ton per day of municipal solid waste (MSW), despite the high level of moisture in the material. This is the largest amount of MSW consumed by any cement line in the world. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to develop a novel design for the pre-calciner which provided a big ratio of particle/gas residence time and a method of recirculating the oversize particles to ensure they are completely combusted.

Through methodological innovation, a new integrated process system has been designed and built. The main technological innovations are:

  • very low-carbon cement clinker production;
  • high utilization of MSW and other alternative fuels;
  • extraction of high-quality potassium salts from the kiln bypass dust; and
  • use of steam from the waste heat recovery system and quarry overburden residue to produce low carbon high-performance wall blocks

The Huaxin Huangshi plant is the first in China to achieve complete localization of a kiln line with over 14,000 tpd. It includes the world’s largest 5-stage preheater system, clinker cooler and fine coal VRM grinding system which are developed especially for the project.

In addition to winning the WCA Innovation Award 2023, the project also won first prize for “Progress in Building Materials Science and Technology in China” in 2021.

Winner Innovation Award Huaxin Cement Huangshi Co Ltd