JK Cement Joins the World Cement Association

London, 11 September 2018 – The World Cement Association announced today that JK Cement, one of India’s leading cement producer, has joined the organisation. With JK Cement joining as a Corporate Member, the association has further grown its global network.

“India’s infrastructure is expanding rapidly, and the cement industry is playing an important role in fulfilling the country’s demand,” said Norman Greig, Secretary General of the World Cement Association. “We are delighted to welcome a leading member of the thriving Indian cement community and look forward to working together to promote and strengthen the goals of the global cement industry.”

JK Cement Ltd is an affiliate of the industry conglomerate JK Organisation which was founded in the early 1900s and today has a leading presence in several industries ranging from cement to tyres and textiles.

With an annual grey cement capacity of 10.5 Mt. and a grey cement capacity expansion by 4.5 Mt. under progress, JK Cement is one of the leading cement manufacturers in India. It is also one of the two major players in the white cement market in the country with an annual capacity of 0.6 Mt. The Company also owns and operates a white cement plant in the UAE which has an annual capacity of 0.6 Mt. Thus, the company’s aggregate annual white cement capacity is 1.2 Mt.

JK cement was one of the first cement producers to install a Waste Heat Recovery plant in India and has repeatedly won awards for its environmental and sustainability management.

“It is deeply encouraging to see the magnitude of change around us, as the Government of India is driving large-scale infrastructure programmes across sectors such as real estate, ports, roadways and energy. We believe it is an exciting time for us to contribute to the nation’s progress and we are growing capacities, expanding reach, improving operational efficiencies and strengthening the reputation and recall of our brand”, said Mr. Yadupati Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director at JK Cement.

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