Fives FCB, New Member of the World Cement Association

London, August 2019 - Fives FCB joined the World Cement Association (WCA) as a founding Associate Corporate Member. “We are delighted to welcome Fives, who has distinctive experience and brings new capabilities to WCA” said Vincent Lefebvre, World Cement Association Chairman.

“As we work to address the key global challenges facing the cement industry, we need diverse insights and well-informed opinion from our members to guide our efforts and ensure we remain relevant and effective”.

With its unique range of equipment and technologies, Fives will be a member of choice within the WCA to support cement producers in their journey for better performance and sustainable development. More specifically, Fives solutions are bringing answers to improve power efficiency and reduce emissions, in line with WCA Climate Action Plan launched in 2018, urging the cement industry to tackle climate change challenges.

Fives’ portfolio includes efficient and innovative technologies in crushing, grinding, pyro-process, combustion, gas treatment and control & optimization, to reduce operating costs and maximize production, while lowering the environmental footprint.

With more than 85 years of experience in industrial engineering and project execution, Fives has proven operational excellence in dealing with major projects worldwide.