Alfalah ul Alami Becomes an Associate Corporate Member of WCA

London, 2 July 2024 - The World Cement Association (WCA) announced today it is welcoming Alfalah ul Alami (AuA), a mining and construction materials production company, based in Afghanistan, as an Associate Corporate Member.

Alfalah ul Alami is a profit-based company that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan contracts. In partnership with national and international companies, AuA is currently dedicated to constructing a Cement Factory, situated in the Jabal Al-Sarraj district of Parwan province, amidst vineyards, mineral-rich hills, and mountains. This Cement Production Factory meets the demands of central provinces and neighbouring regions and plays a key role in promoting social welfare and environmental sustainability in Afghanistan.

This development represents a historic investment of $220 million and is expected to produce five thousand tons of high-quality cement daily while meeting international standards and domestic market demands.

Through its commitment to operational excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, AuA aims to contribute to the growth and development of Afghanistan's construction industry by significantly reducing Afghanistan's reliance on cement imports from regional and neighbouring countries.

Moreover, Alfalah ul Alami (AuA) is deeply committed to social causes and environmental stewardship within its operations. An initiative that has been highlighted by the factory investing around three million dollars in advanced filters to mitigate air pollution and environmental damage.

"We are delighted to welcome Alfalah ul Alami's team to our global network. Given their close relationship with many of our existing members, we look forward to collaborating with the team in sharing valuable insights that both our members and the broader industry can take to advance our commitment to sustainable practices while ensuring profitability," says Ian Riley, WCA's CEO.

"Joining the WCA is a significant milestone for Alfalah ul Alami. We are eager to share our expertise and innovative approaches with the WCA's community. Our investment in the Cement Factory underscores our dedication to producing high-quality cement, fostering sustainable practices, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Afghanistan. We look forward to collaborating with global industry leaders to drive forward both our mission and the broader goals of the WCA," says Safiullah Saber, Alfalah ul Alami’s CEO.