PEGASUS Programme

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What Is The PEGASUS Programme?

WCA's PEGASUS programme, which stands for Plant Evaluation, Gap Analysis and Support Service, is part of our commitment to provide value-added services and support our members to achieve greater sustainability. The programme is offered to corporate members to help them to identify the gap between their plants and world-class best practice, through gap analysis, plant audits and dialogue with experts. 

Gap Analysis: Through benchmarking with other plants around the world, we can identify the gap at a particular plant between actual performance and best practice. We look at the gap to best-in-class (i.e. plants with comparable technology) as well as the gap to industry best practice. The gaps identified can then be used to prioritise performance improvement projects and evaluate capital investment options.

Plant Audits: A plant audit team consists of specialists in the relevant topics to be examined. The teams typically include specialists on pyro systems, milling, waste heat recovery, maintenance and quality. These specialists are drawn from other WCA members. When a plant is audited, it is an opportunity to look at improvement opportunities with from a new perspective, drawing on the experience of the team. It is also an opportunity for professional development for those involved both from the host plant and the audit team.

Dialogue with Experts:  WCA members have access to expertise and opportunities to share experiences and best practices through our network, other PEGASUS participants and specialists from the audit team.

New members are able to join at the start of a new project cycle. If you would like to participate in the next cycle of the PEGASUS programme please contact Jo Michael (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



Pegasus 2020 is our first multi-company benchmarking and knowledge sharing project, designed to be practical with the current COVID limitations around the world. The project is:

  • Open to all clinker-producing WCA members
  • Has no WCA fees
  • Has no cost other than related travel
  • Professional development opportunities

The Project focuses on benchmarking 3 key topics, one in each phase:

Phase 1: Energy and CO2

Phase 2: Maintenance and Reliability

Phase 3: Operation, Quality & Industry 4.0

The implementation of each phase consists of 5 stages:

Stage 1 - Review and approval of KPIs. WCA will define as set of KPIs to be benchmarked by the phase which will be reviewed and agreed by the Operations & Performance Committee.

Stage 2 - Data gathering period for all participating plants.

Stage 3 - Benchmarking analysis.

Stage 4 - 1-1 meetings with participants to present a report of the benchmarking and key improvement opportunities.

Stage 5 - Conclusion of phase. Under the guidance of the Operations & Performance Committee WCA will produce; a series of reports for members outlining the key results for the phase; and a series of member forums on the key topics opportunities for improvement and knowledge sharing highlighted by the benchmarking.

PEGASUS Exemplar Graph