West China Cement Ltd


West China Cement Ltd is a Chinese cement producer based in Xi’an Shaanxi, with a total cement capacity across their Chinese operations of 30mtpa.

Their largest two plants are Puping and Shifeng, each with a capacity of 2.2mtpa. They also have operations in Mozambique, totalling 2.2mtpa capacity. They are the largest cement company in the Shaanxi province, and are the only Shaanxi company also listed in Hong Kong.

West China Cement is geared towards the economic development of Western China, supplying cement to infrastructure, urban and rural construction markets. The group has constructed heat-recycling plants at over 80% of its production capacity, reducing electricity consumption by 30% and decreasing CO2 emissions by 20,000 tons per year, per million tons of production. All plants are fitted with denitration equipment, reducing nitrous oxide emissions by 60% per ton of clinker produced.