MVW Lechtenberg & Partner


MVW Lechtenberg & Partner is one of the world’s leading consulting firms in the field of efficient and sustainable use of alternative fuels. With our vast experience and our extensive care for our environment, we influence and enable a wide range of industries worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint.

We develop concepts for the processing of domestic waste and other wastes into alternative fuels, check the environmentally relevant and process-specific influences on cement, lime, and power production, plan adequate preparation plants and supervise the ongoing production and the continuous input in cement and lime production plants – worldwide.

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany with daughter companies in India and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With our Brand “Blue River Recycling” we own and operate recycling facilities to process mixed, non-recyclable waste into Alternative Fuels for the Industry.

Est 2004
Headquarters Duisburg, Germany