GCP Applied Technologies


GCP, part of Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals, is a leading global provider of construction products that include high-performance specialty construction chemicals and building materials.

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals provides cement additives, concrete admixtures and specialty building materials, through the combined ventures of GCP and Chryso. Together they provide customers with a complete package of products, services and knowledge that extends through concrete production, delivery, placement and finishing. Throughout the entire life- cycle of a project the focus is on helping customers achieve carbon reduction and net zero strategies through the efficient and cost-effective use of materials.

From high-performance grinding aids to functional additives and water reducers, the company’s unique customization capabilities meet specific formulations for cement plants around the world. In 2022, GCP customers saved approximately 23 million tonnes of CO2 by using their cement additives and concrete admixtures. That is equivalent to taking approximately seven million cars off the road every day.

GCP and the entire Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals family is focused on continuous improvement for its customers, end-users and the environment.

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