CHASM Advanced Materials


CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of nanotube hybrids - a new category of advanced materials that make the world a safer, more connected and sustainable place.

Better connected smart cities, ice-free vehicle sensors and lights, faster charging and discharging EV batteries, greener (lower carbon footprint) concrete, and abundance of pure water are all innovations powered by CHASM Advanced Materials. This is accomplished by unleashing the power of CNTs with our patented nanotube manufacturing platform combined with our unique ability to integrate CNTs into game-changing nanotube hybrid product solutions.

Nanotube hybrid transparent antennas (for 5G, loT), transparent heaters (for ADAS) and transparent RF shielding films (for EMC) with superior performance and affordability are created by printing conductive nanotube inks on top of transparent conductive films made from silver nanowires or copper micromesh.

Est 2015
Headquarters USA