Carbon Upcycling Technologies


Carbon Upcycling has developed a novel carbon capture and utilization technology that is unlocking a new frontier of circular materials for the cement and concrete industry. Our novel low-energy technology system elegantly integrates at cement plants and upgrades low-quality local feedstocks, such as industrial byproducts of natural minerals, by directly capturing, and utilizing CO2 directly the kiln point source emissions to produce high-performance carbonated supplementary cementitious material that can enable low-carbon blended cements and concrete. 

Scaling our technology by over 10 million times since conception in fall 2014, Carbon Upcycling has established itself as one of the top carbon utilization companies in the world. We've commercially demonstrated the highest CO₂ emission reductions in concrete for a CarbonTech company in a project with the Minnesota Department of Transportation where we paved a section of active highway. Carbon Upcycling recently received funding to deploy a commercial scale project with CEMEX in the United Kingdom to produce a carbonated glass SCM.

Carbon Upcycling was also a finalist in the prestigious global NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZEcompetition.

Headquarters Canada