About the WCA

The World Cement Association, founded in 2016, is the largest independent organisation that works globally on behalf of the cement and clinker industry and its stakeholders, with offices in London and Beijing. We are a not for profit company incorporated under UK law, owned and controlled by our members.

The majority of our members are cement producers, ranging from the world’s largest companies, with capacities of 540mt pa, to some of the smallest, with capacities of 0.5mt pa. We also represent companies across the wider value chain, including specialist engineering firms, equipment suppliers and technology providers.

Our members play an active role in the Association through their participation in the Board and four Professional Committees. WCA provides practical help to our members through sharing of best practices in Member Forums, where cement industry leaders in areas as diverse as plant design, green quarries, machine learning AI, vertically integrated business models and low carbon footprints can disseminate their knowledge and experience.

WCA supports a sustainable cement industry, encouraging technical development and innovation by its members to achieve full decarbonisation, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Agreement.


The aims of the World Cement Association are to represent and promote the global cement industry, as well as the commercial and legal interests of its members to national and international institutions and organisations.

  • To promote the best scientific, technical, commercial, sustainable and legal approaches and practices within the cement industry.
  • To promote the scientific, technical and commercial study and development of cement, clinker and their products.
  • To disseminate and facilitate the exchange of information and know-how between members on important and emerging issues within the cement industry.
  • To promote fair competition, integrity and good faith within the cement industry.


The WCA is a Membership Organisation with several types of membership including: Corporate Members (voting), Associate Corporate Members, Affiliate Members and Individual Members. Nominated Representatives of Corporate Members are eligible to stand for election to the Board.  The General Assembly will elect the Board Members, and is the ultimate decision-making body of the Association.