About Cement

Cement and concrete are a fundamental part of today’s world and vital to the global construction sector. Cement is a hydraulic binder (it hardens when water is added) and mixed with sand and aggregates it forms concrete.  Cement mixed with water, lime and sand forms mortar.

Affordable and versatile, strong and resilient, safe and durable - cement and concrete are crucial for the construction of infrastructure, including dams, bridges and tower blocks, and are the key to future sustainable development.

Cement and concrete have been used to build durable structures since Roman times. Thanks to the special binding properties of cement, concrete is a very resilient, durable material that can bear heavy loads and resist environmental extremes.

As a result of rapid urbanisation and economic development across the world, cement production has increased by thirty times since 1950, and in the present day, concrete comes second only to water as the world’s most used resource. China is the largest cement producer, with 53% of the total global output. India follows second with 8%, with this proportion likely to double in the next ten years.


cement production charts 

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