Membership is open to companies, not-for-profit organisations and individuals with a stake in the future of cement, clinker and related materials.

Benefits of membership

  • Voice and networking in the global community
     The WCA promotes the work of its Members through its website and social media channels. The WCA encourages all Members to interact and provide us with material we can use on these forums.
     Our Members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global cement industry. Members can participate in committees and networks to determine our programme of work.
     Provides you with global exposure and trade and networking opportunities.
     Members’ area and forum to catch up with latest news or ask questions.
     Be part of the WCA global cement community. Share best practice and drive industry standards.
     WCA will give use your input to give you a voice in representations with regional and national associations and institutions in industry and Government.
     WCA will carry out lobbying of lobby of institutions and maintain relations with news and media.
     Promotion of WCA fair trade practices help you to work in a more fair and secure environment.
     CEO club provides a forum to consider international issues facing Chief Executives in the industry today and in the future.
    Voice and Networking on a global basis
    Members area and forum
    CEO Club
    WCA prizes
    WCA events
    International Mediation and Arbitration
    International Legal Advice on Shipping and Trading conflicts
    Promotion of Fair Trade Practices
    Promotion of Worldwide Quality standards (WCAQS)
    World cement statistics, price index
    Lobbying, News and Media Relations
    Technology Development
    World Sustainability WCS effort
    WCA UNITE , social responsibility works
    UN Partnership for Habitat 2025
    Market statistics for members
    World cement statistics
    World cement prices
    WCA Awards and Prizes
    There will be various categories of awards including those suggested by members.
    WCA Events
    WCA will hold an annual Prestigious Event including General Assembly, Convention, Working Groups and Gala Dinner. See Events for latest news.
    WCA will participate in or organise other events as needed.
    International Legal Advice on trading and shipping conflicts
    Arbitration and mediation services
    Arbitration is a flexible, consensual process for resolving business disputes in a binding, enforceable manner.
    Businesses choose arbitration over litigation because of its neutrality, finality, enforceability, procedural flexibility, and the ability to choose the arbitrators.
    Mediation Services
    Mediation is a flexible settlement technique, conducted privately and confidentially, in which a mediator acts as a neutral facilitator to help the parties try to arrive at a negotiated settlement of their dispute.
    The parties have control over both the decision to settle and the terms of any settlement agreement. In mediation proceedings, parties remain in control of the outcome by negotiating a contractually binding, win-win agreement based on their business interests. Since control over the decision to settle and the terms of any settlement agreement remains with the parties, the mediator has no power to impose a settlement on the parties but facilitates the parties’ settlement negotiations.
    How can World cement Association help its members with Arbitration and Mediation?
    Advice and support on contract disputes involving trading and/or shipping.
    Selection of experts and neutrals with the relevant industry, technical or legal expertise, or other desired qualities. We will help you to find suitable experts and neutrals either from our own registered experts or by review of parties’ proposed experts and neutrals.
    Administration of the arbitration or mediation process.
    Technology development
    Reports on technology development.
    Identification of needed improvements in technology.
    Statistical process control and understanding.
    Publications and information
    Development and review of relevant publications.
    Commissioning of articles.
    Regular policy briefings, media updates, a Members-only area of the WCA website, policy workshops and the expertise of our team mean you have access to the highest level of information on the global cement industry and the international policy environment.
    Advice on product certification requirements in different markets.
    Sustainability and social responsibility
    Access to experts on Corporate Social Responsibility and industry standard KPIs.
    WCA Unite social responsibility initiatives.
    WCS World Sustainability Effort.
    UN partnership for habitat 2025.
    Membership levels
    Categories and types
    Membership falls into three broad categories:
    1. Corporate Members - are companies engaged in the production, sale or use of cement, or manufacture of equipment used for the same.
    2. Associate Corporate Members - are not-for-profit industry associations, research bodies and other stakeholders.
    3. Associate members – are individual members from any related field.
    Within these categories are various types of corporate membership.
     Corporate Members Platinum
     Corporate Members Gold
     Corporate Members Silver
    Fees Membership Annual fee US$ Corporate Members Platinum
    Corporate Members Gold
    Corporate Members Silver
    Associate Corporate Members
    Associate Members
    Each level of Corporate Membership delivers different rights and benefits.
    The above memberships will be entitled to complimentary tickets, by number of votes above, at the annual gala events.
    Current details are available from the Secretary General.
    How to join
    Contact our secretariat at the links below or go to the website and find a guide and application form.
    Membership Votes Corporate Members Platinum
    Corporate Members Gold
    Corporate Members Silver

About Us

The World Cement Association aims to represent and promote the Cement Industry Worldwide as well as the commercial and legal interests of its Members.

The World Cement Association is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in England No. 10187292 under English law.

The World Cement Association is not affiliated with or otherwise connected to Palladian Publications Limited nor its WORLD CEMENT publication.



27, 28 June 2018

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WCA Global Climate Change Forum


4, 5 December 2018


WCA General Assembly 2018

WCA Conference with Intercem



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World Cement Association

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Email: info@worldcementassociation.org

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